How does Turkey Hunting University work?

    Turkey Hunting University (THU) is a pay per view turkey hunting educational website where viewers choose which turkey hunting related topics they want or need to learn more about in order to have more success while turkey hunting.  To watch a video course on THU, all you need to do is click on the video or videos you want to watch, click “Add to Cart” and pay using Stripe.  Your videos are ready for you to watch on your “Courses” page on the THU website at any time.

    Can I only watch a purchased video course one time?

    No, all courses you purchase are available for you to watch as long as THU is still in operation.

    Can I download the courses I have purchased for viewing when I'm offline?

    No, unfortunately not.  As a means of protecting our copyrighted material, THU does not allow videos to be downloaded to any device.

    Can I let my hunting buddy or anyone else use my account to watch the videos I have purchased?

    No.  Sharing your username and password with anyone in any manner is a violation of our user agreement and doing so will result in immediate termination of your account without refund.  Sharing username and password can also result in being banned from the THU site indefinitely.

    I want to learn more about turkey hunting. Will other video courses and instructors be added to THU in the future? If so, when?

    We will be adding more video courses by more instructors periodically, so be sure to check back from time to time or add yourself to the THU mailing list.

    What is the THU mailing list and how can I get on it?

    The THU mailing list is a great way to keep up to date on any updates to the THU website, see information on any newly added video courses, and get some general turkey hunting tips throughout the year. Click here to have your name and email address added to the THU mailing list.  You can rest assured that THU will never spam you or share your email address or contact information with any outside parties.

    I'm an experienced turkey hunter. Can I become an instructor on THU?

    Yes, click here and submit your turkey hunting resume.  Be sure your contact information is on your resume so we can get back in touch with you regarding your application.

    Some of the videos are out of focus or have volume that is low. What can I do?

    At THU, our early focus is to bring you exceptional content. The videos on THU are loaded with content that will improve your turkey hunting success, even though the camera work and/or audio may be a bit less than perfect at times.  We will continue to work to improve on the quality of our videography. But, in the meantime, just know we are going to blow you away with amazing content.

    Can I buy a package of courses?

    Yes, we do offer course packages by instructor or even through mixing and matching courses from different instructors.  Our a la carte courses are $9 each; however, you can purchase a 10 course package for $79, a 20 course package for $139, or access to all the courses currently on THU for $199.  Accessing all the courses for $199 gives you access to all the video courses currently on THU through the date of purchase and updates to those courses posted in the future.  Your all access purchase does not entitle you to future uploaded video courses by current or future THU instructors.